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Malvern House

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Malvern House


Lucy Bock Design Studio





Timothy Kaye

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Finch Street has been resurrected through significant structural and design changes to create a cohesive, fluid and aesthetically enduring family home. In reconciling the home’s many split levels, a seamless spatial integration has been cultivated, accentuated further by the opening up of the living and kitchen areas and the addition of structural elements to make the space feel integrated. The original staircase was reimagined as a sculptural feature, replacing the previous churchy style with micro-cement that appears softly luminous beneath the lacquering of natural light from an elegant feature steel window. The residence’s facade was also transformed from the dowdy green and brown brick and veneer that dominates the streetscape to a timelessly tonal palette to match an interior defined by accents of steel, aluminium, and stone.

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