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Our Mission

Since 2001, Duobuilt has continued to reach beyond expectations on quality and architectural possibility within Australia’s built landscape. Working in like-minded collaboration with globally-eminent architects and designers, Duobuilt has amassed a portfolio of commercial and residential projects distinguished by aesthetic and construction excellence.


“I had been impressed by a number of projects Duobuilt had delivered previously, particularly in their attention to detail in elements such as joinery and refinement in the materials. My work has a refined design intent and I trusted Duobuilt with the project to deliver that experience.

The best process, is when builders are able to contribute to the project through their experience in construction techniques and we collaborate and learn from each other, so we both finish the project more knowledgeable than when we started. The nature of the way Duobuilt works assists in this type of process yielding great results.”

Pete Kennon

“Loyalty, passion and collaboration are my ultimate outcomes for great design. Jess and his team align themselves with me because they prioritise these values in every project I have worked on with them.

That’s why I’ll collaborate with them in the future.”

Shannon Bennett
Vue de monde

“As a designer, its crucial to partner with the right builder and its always a pleasure to collaborate with this dedicated team. Experienced and knowledgeable, with a keen focus on detailed execution. Duobuilt are
a class act.”

Lucy Bock
Lucy Bock Design Studio

“I was very lucky to have Duobuilt assigned as the builders for our very first project. Since then we have worked together on four projects —the latest being my own home. Jess and his team are deeply passionate about what they do and always strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all parties.

It has been great to see both of our companies flourish over the years, which I attribute in no small part to the successful projects we’ve worked on together, and I very much look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”

Dominic Pandolfini
Pandolfini Architects


Drop us a line if you’d like to discuss a new project or request a credentials package.

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Newport VIC 3015

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